Team Management And Staff Training

Newcomer training

For the "Young Talents Program" for college recruits, various training forms are designed to help college students get practical care and support within one year after joining the company, and quickly complete the role transition from campus to workplace.

New cadre program

For the "new cadre plan" for recruiting talents from the society, adhering to the principle of adapting as soon as possible and taking up jobs as soon as possible, we provide corresponding support as needed to help recruit talents from the society to integrate into the company faster, give full play to their talents, and create personal value.

On-the-job training

The company vigorously promotes the construction of  "counseling culture", each employee has quite a lot of opportunities to receive the theme counseling from superiors and even superiors, and establishes a consistent management language to meet the individual needs of different employees.

Management training

CNKC attaches great importance to the construction of internal management reserve cadres, adheres to the closed-loop principle of combining training and appointment, and carefully designs a three-level training system covering supervisor reserve, manager reserve, and director/general manager reserve. The rich training forms allow employees to fully grasp the key capabilities of future management positions and fully prepare for the role change.

Professional training

CNKC not only provides training and support for management talents, but also provides targeted training for professional talents, such as R&D engineers, quality engineers, after-sales engineers, etc. The professional channel provides professional training programs for professional talents, which makes the development path of engineers clearer and smoother, and comprehensively improves the professional ability and general quality of employees.

Online platform

In order to better meet the needs of employees for mobile learning and fragmented learning, the company's online platform system provides a variety of use modes such as computer, mobile APP, and WeChat. There are nearly a thousand management and general quality courses for everyone at any time. Learning from anywhere makes everyone's learning and life more effective, more informative and more interesting.