JLSZV 35KV outdoor three-phase three-wire high-voltage metering box completely changes high-voltage electric energy measurement

In the field of high-voltage electric energy measurement, the JLSZV-35 series three-phase outdoor dry-type high-voltage combination transformer can be called a beacon of innovation and reliability. Also known as an energy metering box, this cutting-edge product is tailor-made to meet the discerning needs of the modern power grid. The rated voltage is 35kV. It is designed to facilitate accurate measurement of electrical energy and is installed on the high voltage side of the supply transformer.

The instrument box is equipped with a three-phase active energy meter and a reactive energy meter, or a combination of an active energy meter, a reactive energy meter and an electronic energy meter. This comprehensive metering device directly measures the active and reactive energy of high-voltage lines, playing a key role in preventing electricity theft, saving energy, and strengthening power supply management. Follow national standards such as GB20840.2-2014, 20840.1-2010, GB20840.3-2013 and enterprise Q/YCD003-2003 to ensure unparalleled quality and performance.

JLSZV-35KV outdoor three-phase three-wire high-voltage metering box is a game changer in the industry. After strict inspection by the National Transformer Supervision and Inspection Center and approval by the State Economic and Trade Bureau, it has become a recommended product for the construction and transformation of national urban and rural power grids. This product is more than just a replacement; it is a superior alternative to traditional oil-immersed energy metering boxes.

The unique feature of the JLSZV-35KV metering box is that it uses a dry-type wide-load combination transformer, which embodies high efficiency and durability. Its seamless integration with high-voltage lines ensures reliable and accurate energy measurement, allowing utility companies and industrial facilities to optimize their operations and resource management. The robust construction of the metering box guarantees longevity and resilience even in the most demanding environments.

Additionally, the versatility of the JLSZV-35KV metering box makes it a versatile solution for a variety of applications. Whether it's an industrial complex, commercial facility or utility substation, this high-voltage metering box delivers unparalleled performance and accuracy. Its adaptability to 50Hz and 60Hz three-phase AC further emphasizes its flexibility and suitability for a wide range of operating requirements.

In short, the JLSZV-35KV outdoor three-phase three-wire high-voltage metering box represents a paradigm shift in high-voltage electric energy measurement. Its advanced features, compliance with strict standards and regulatory approval make it the solution of choice for modern energy management needs. By investing in this innovative product, organizations can improve their energy measurement capabilities, increase operational efficiency, and contribute to a sustainable energy future.

JLSZV 35KV combination transformer
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Post time: May-22-2024