How Much Do You Know About Dry Transformers

Transformers are machines that convert alternating current to direct current and are commonly used to step-down high-power equipment. Because of its simple working principle and convenient use, it is widely used in modern industrial production.

1. The Operating Principle of Dry Transformer
The operating principle of dry transformer is realized by the principle of electromagnetic induction. When the electric energy flows from the grid, it is generated by the action of the magnetic field. This current flows through the coil to generate the magnetic field force, so that a certain height difference is generated near the upper surface of the iron core to suppress the eddy current. In this region, the voltage and current are approximately equal, so there is no flux saturation, which means there is no leakage fault. In addition, as the voltage increases, the intensity of the eddy current can be reduced, resulting in less leakage. Finally, by controlling the magnetic force, the metal can withstand large temperature changes. When the temperature of the external environment changes, the internal structure is adjusted to meet the requirements of the external conditions. In short, dry type transformer has excellent performance, widely used in various electrical equipment.
2. Dry Transformer Application Scenario
Dry type transformers are mainly used in AC and DC transmission of power systems. Dry transformers are generally driven by high voltage, which can reduce energy consumption and improve work efficiency. In the process of industrial production, dry transformers are widely used in a variety of different types of machines, such as the turret machine on the production line, rolling mill, etc. In addition, dry transformers are also widely used in the field of aerospace, as aircraft engine cooling fan or aircraft shell cooling device. In medical equipment, dry – type transformer is also more and more popular. It not only has the advantages of high efficiency, energy saving and good mute effect, but also can effectively protect medical personnel from static electricity, so it has become one of the commonly used electrical facilities in hospital operating room.

Nowadays, a variety of new dry type transformers continue to emerge to meet the needs of different applications. According to the demand and trend of the market, dry type transformer will still maintain a high demand in the future period of time.

Post time: Mar-10-2023