High Voltage Current Transformers The Ultimate Guide to Zero Sequence Current Transformers

Zero-sequence current transformers play a vital role in the protection and monitoring of power systems. This transformer is designed for small ground currents with rated frequency 50/60Hz and rated voltage 35kV and below. It is an essential device for detecting residual (zero sequence) current and grounding protection. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the LXK series of residual current transformers (zero sequence), focusing on their features, benefits and installation procedures.

Product Description:
The LXK series residual (zero sequence) current transformer is an indoor product, using cable type resin casting insulation. Known for their split-piece epoxy cast construction, these transformers are easy and quick to install. These transformers are available in adjustable inner diameters ranging from Φ80 to Φ300, providing flexibility according to your specific requirements.

Features and Benefits:
1. High voltage compatibility: LXK series zero sequence current transformers are designed for high voltage applications and can handle rated voltages up to 35kV.
2. Residual current detection: This high voltage transformer is used in conjunction with DD-11/60 or DD-1/60 relays and signaling devices to effectively detect and monitor residual (zero sequence) current.
3. Grounding protection: The LXK series ensures effective grounding protection and reduces the risk of electrical faults and malfunctions by activating equipment components.
4. Quick installation: Due to the split structure, these transformers can be divided into two parts during the installation process and then combined into one for easy installation.
5. Flexible size: The inner diameter is adjustable from Φ80 to Φ300, which can be flexibly adapted to different cable sizes and installation requirements.
6. Cable Type Resin Cast Insulation: The use of this insulation ensures enhanced safety and protection against electrical hazards.

Installation process:
The installation process of LXK series residual (zero sequence) current transformers is very simple. Please follow these steps:

Step 1: Prepare the installation site and ensure it meets necessary safety requirements.
Step 2: Carefully separate the transformer into two parts along the split structure.
Step 3: Place the transformer assembly around the cable, making sure it fits snugly.
Step 4: Merge the two transformer parts together to form one unit.
Step 5: Use appropriate clamps or brackets to secure the transformer in place.
Step 6: Follow the guidelines provided to connect the transformer output to a DD-11/60 or DD-1/60 relay and signaling device.
Step 7: Thoroughly inspect and test the installed transformer to ensure proper operation.

LXK series residual current (zero sequence) current transformers are indispensable for accurate residual current detection and grounding protection in electrical systems. With split-piece construction, easy installation and flexible sizing options, these transformers provide a reliable, efficient solution to your specific requirements. If you need reliable, high-quality high-voltage current transformers and zero-sequence current transformers, then the LXK series is your best choice. Ensure the safety and reliability of your electrical system with these quality transformers

HV zero-sequency current transformer
HV zero-sequency current transformer

Post time: Oct-16-2023